Pre-K 3 Year Olds

We just love our littlest cardinals! 

Our long-standing and award winning Holy Redeemer tradition begins early, for three and four-year-olds, with outstanding program options.

Holy Redeemer “Pre-K” programs are a unique learning community where our youngest students come to enjoy their first experience in school and we want them to LOVE it!

We understand young children learn best through hands-on activities, rich interpersonal relationships, and play.  Our exceptional teachers focus on developmentally appropriate self-help, language arts, and math skills.  There is a rich tradition of art projects and other creative experiences.  Students are encouraged to take appropriate risks as they learn and grow. All  Pre-K 3 year old classes participate in co-curricular programs including Music, Physical Education, time in the Library and more.

The social curriculum is as important as academics.  By incorporating Holy Redeemer’s 4C’s: Courtesy, Compassion, Community and Commitment, into the daily life of the classrooms, children develop the knowledge and skills needed to become responsible learners and kind friends.

Our most important goal is to support and celebrate each child’s gifts and individual successes in a safe, loving, creative, and nurturing environment.

Holy Redeemer is proud to offer several options for parents of three and four-year-old children in the 3 Year Old Pre-K programs.

  • Monday-Friday Full Day and Half Day
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday Full Day and Half Day
  • ​Tuesday/Thursday: Full Day and Half Day

Parent Participation, aka Co-op
There are many opportunities for all parents to be involved in their child's classroom and in their student’s day at Holy Redeemer School. To facilitate hands on learning projects parents in our half-day program are required to spend one day each month in their child's classroom (co-op).  Families may forgo the co-op requirement with an additional fee of $450.

Questions? Please contact:
Mrs. Colleen Ryan, HR School Principal 301-942-3701 or

Mrs. Laurie Shoemaker, HR Nursery School Director 301-942-2567


Can I take a tour? Yes! Please contact Mrs. Colleen Ryan or Mrs. Laurie Shoemaker to inquire about touring our main school building as well as our nursery school facility. (see contact information above)

What if I am not sure which option is best for our family? Come and visit and observe the different classrooms, meet with our principal and we can also put you in touch with parents of children in these programs if you like.

What if I am not Catholic? Our school is open to all - we welcome you with open arms, regardless of your faith. Our school credo is “Go RED: Respect Everyone Daily” and we live by it.

Can a five-year-old enroll in the Pre-K program if he or she is not ready for kindergarten? Absolutely and this is the case for many of our Pre-K students.