Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Certification

Per Archdiocese of Washington Guidelines, each adult who plans to volunteer at the school, do playground duty, and/ or have substantial contact with the students MUST do the following.

Become certified by completing the following steps:

1. Register with Virtus Online. When you register, you will need to create a UserID and Password and enroll for a mandatory Child Protection Workshop. Volunteers must attend a workshop before your duties begin. When you register you can also check for current workshops. Holy Redeemer School is part of the Archdiocese of Washington listed as Washington, D.C. (Archdiocese)

The Archdiocese will give you credit for attending the class based on a sign-in sheet available at the class.  Please be sure to sign in and please print your name clearly so you receive credit for attending. IMPORTANT NOTE: The name under which you register for Virtus must match the name you provide on the Volunteer Application Form under Step 2.

2. Complete the two-page Volunteer Application Form, which is available for download/printing. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Steps 1 & 2 are interchangeable, but must occur before Step 3.

3. Sign up for and take the training class. Be sure to sign in when you attend in order to get credit for attending.  After receiving a Child Protection Policy Booklet from the training class or downloading the Booklet , review the Booklet and sign and mail/deliver the Booklet’s Acknowledgment page (one of the last pages in Booklet) to the School Coordinator, whose information is given below.  

4. Please contact the school  to set up an appointment to process an electronic background check.

Please bring the Certificate from the Workshop, the signed acknowledgement form from the back of the policy booklet, the completed Volunteer Application and 2 forms of identification (one must have a photo). The online background check will take place at Holy Redeemer School. Please plan for 15 - 20 minutes.

If you have questions please contact:
School Virtus Coordinator
Holy Redeemer School