Holy Redeemer School's lay administration, faculty and staff bring a true sense of vocation to their work, continuing the legacy of professional dedication established by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati who staffed the school from its founding in 1951 through 1982. For the 2008-09 school year, the principal, vice principal, and forty faculty and staff members serve 390 students in grades K-8. In addition, licensed staff serves students in the school's before- and after-school program.

Eighteen teachers have homerooms and ten teachers are in resource programs. Full-time aides assist the two kindergarten teachers and the two first grade teachers. Our resource teachers provide instruction in the following areas: art, computers, foreign language instruction in French or Spanish, library, music and physical education. In addition, a full-time reading specialist and a full-time guidance counselor serve the entire student community. Non-teaching professionals include two full-time office assistants, a full-time school nurse, and a school custodian.

There are two self-contained kindergarten classes and two classes per grade of grades 1-8. Grade-level teaching teams in grades K-5 work in self-contained classroom settings and are supported across the curriculum by the resource teachers. Each grade-level team works cooperatively and typically one team-member instructs all the grade-level students in social studies and the other instructs all the grade-level students in science. Grades 6-8 are departmentalized with teacher specialists in grammar, literature, mathematics, religion, science and Social studies. They too, are supported across the curriculum by one another and by the resource teachers.

Holy Redeemer School administrative, faculty and staff members represent the highest standards in professional preparation as well as vocational commitment. The staff is educated, competent, talented and dedicated. Continuing education for Holy Redeemer School's teaching professionals is a priority of the school's administration and faculty. Teachers currently make use of bi-weekly, half-day Fridays to pursue professional development opportunities. They also seek university credits and state certifications as wells as participate in workshops and in-house enrichment programs, utilizing financial support made available through Holy Redeemer School.

Our faculty and staff may be reached by email. 
E-mail addresses are first initial, period, last name @hrs-ken.org.