6th Grade

Sixth grade at Holy Redeemer is a transition year for the students. The students are no longer in a self contained classroom, but move from classroom to classroom for each subject. Learning concepts such as organization, time management and responsibility help the students prepare for the remainder of middle school and high school. 

6th Grade Religion

  • The structure and content of the Bible and specifically the Old Testament and the preparation for the coming of Our Savior
  • Creation and man's response
  • Original sin
  • Covenant
  • Individual figures that were key in the history of the Chosen People and are our ancestors in faith 
  • The foundation of Christianity
  • The understanding of God’s invitation to each of us to follow Him and do His will

6th Grade Language Arts

  • Literature (materials covered)
    • Language and Literacy (anthology)
    • D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths (selected myths)
    • The Phantom Tollbooth
    • Number the Stars
    • Rules
    • A Single Shard
    • Variety of genres
    • Vocabulary development
    • Poetry
  • English (comprised of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing)
    • Voyages in English: Writing and Grammar
      • Parts of speech
      • Types of writing
      • Personal Narrative
      • How to Article
      • Descriptive Writing
      • Persuasive Essay
      • Expository Essay
      • Business Letter
      • Research Paper
    • Vocabulary in Action

6th Grade Math
Middle School students are placed in Math classes.  Each section ranges in size from 10 - 12 students per class. Smaller classes allow for more individualized instruction. 

Advanced Math
This program is accelerated to include 7th grade objectives. Our books and resources are fully adapted for all kinds of math learners. Classes are smaller to allow for more individualized instruction. Each 40-minute class covers a Warm-Up, Homework Check, New Lesson Concept, Lesson Practice Problems, and a jump-start into Homework. 

  • Curriculum Concepts
    ♦  Operations with Integers & Rational Numbers
    ♦  Rates, Proportions and Percent
    ♦  Expressions & Algebraic Equations
    ♦  Inequalities
    ♦  Areas & Polygons
    ♦  Area & Volume
    ♦  Analyzing & Comparing Data
    ♦  Experimental & Theoretical Probability


Math in Focus is an authentic Singapore Math® curriculum—with problem solving as the center of math learning and concepts taught with a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression through real-world, hands-on experiences.


Chapter 1: Positive Numbers and the Number Line
Chapter 2: Negative Numbers and the Number Line
Chapter 3: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Decimals
Chapter 4: Ratio
Chapter 5: Rates
Chapter 6: Percent
Chapter 7: Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 8: Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 9: The Coordinate Plane
Chapter 10: Area of Polygons
Chapter 11: Circumference and Area of a Circle
Chapter 12: Surface Area and Volume of Solids
Chapter 13: Introduction to Statistics
Chapter 14: Measures of Central Tendency

6th Grade Science

  • Scientists and Scientific Method
  • Cell Theory
  • Cell Parts and Processes
  • Body Systems (circulatory, respatory, digestive, skeletal/muscular)
  • Bacteria/Viruses/Pathogens
  • Photosynthesis
  • Classification of Living Organisms (Taxonomy)
  • Interactions Between organisms
  • The Oceans
  • Adaptations of Organisms

6th Grade Social Studies - Ancient Civilizations

  • Investigating the past as geographers, historians and archeologist
  • Early Hominids
  • Mesopotamia Region
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Chinese Dynasties
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome