Foreign Language Program: At Holy Redeemer, students are exposed to both French and Spanish beginning in the first grade.  First Graders take one semester of French and one semester of Spanish. In the Second Grade, students select the language program they would like to continue studying through 8th grade.

French Program
Our French program is designed to help students attain an exceptional pre-high school level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing the French language for communications in everyday situations.

Spanish Program
The Spanish program is designed to help students attain an exceptional pre-high school level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing for communication in everyday situations.  Lessons are designed to encourage students to communicate in Spanish from day one and to acquire oral proficiency before they begin to read and write in Spanish, just as they do in their native language.  Students learn about the global Hispanic culture through music, art, food and authentic videos.  In addition, Catholic prayers in Spanish are taught.

Art Program
The Holy Redeemer Art Program follows the Archdiocese of Washington Schools’ Academic Standards for Art.  
The program incorporates two goals: 

  • To open the student’s eyes and mind to God’s presence in His creation by participating in the creative process 
  • To develop the creative mind by offering students a variety of experiences in the visual arts.

Technology and Computer Instruction
Our goal is to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning. To that end, digital technology at Holy Redeemer is integrated into all subjects. Each classroom has an interactive board to engage students with learning in the 21st century. IPads are available for classroom use and the computer lab is equipped with 29 Dell desktop computers with high speed broadband Internet. Academic databases are used for safe search of online research. Tools for presentation and collaboration are taught in the middle school computer classes, including Pictograph and PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Edmodo, One Note, ebooks from Discovery Education, and Tech4learning software. Simple programming applications are taught through game design. Programming language is taught to build logic and reasoning. 

Library and Media Center
The primary purpose of the Holy Redeemer School Library is to support, enrich, and extend learning across the curricula and grade levels in an environment that celebrates our Catholic faith.

Resource Program
The Resource Program provides students with different learning needs assistance in developing strategies which allow them to meet success in the classroom.  Our program also provides assistance to parents and teachers as they work together to identify areas of needs, develop a course of action, and monitor progress.  Holy Redeemer has three full-time Resource Teachers.