Spiritual Life

2017 HR Community Service Overview.

We begin each day with school prayer, pause each noon for the Angelus and Grace, and end with the Act of Contrition.  Other prayers are said throughout the day in the classroom.
On the second Thursday of each month, Holy Redeemer Parish provides lunch at S.O.M.E., a soup kitchen for the poor. The school supports the effort by providing the designated fruit of the month. Parents send in fruit by the bunch or the bag (approximately a dozen items) by 8:30 a.m. on the designated date so that it may be taken to S.O.M.E. by drivers. Please refer to the calendar for “fruit of the month”.

This is a volunteer program available to Catholic children in grades 7 and above. Children are trained to assist at Mass. Children serve at weekend Masses and Holy Days of Obligation, and at school Masses. Occasionally, the children are called upon to serve at weddings, funerals and other special liturgical events.

Students from grades K–8 attend Mass at least once a week, on First Fridays, and on Holy Days of Obligation. Confessions are held for students during the Advent and Lenten seasons.

Holy Redeemer School and CCD students in second grade receive the sacrament of Penance for the first time after the new year starts. The date will be announced when determined. Several priests participate; this gives the students a choice and enables the parents and others who wish to share this day and receive the sacrament to do so.

Holy Redeemer School and CCD students in second grade receive First Holy Communion on a Saturday morning after Easter, usually the first Saturday in May. Prior to receiving First Holy Communion, a daylong retreat is scheduled for the students. A committee of volunteer 1st grade parents traditionally organizes a reception for the families and friends of the First Communicants after the Mass in the Herb Young Auditorium.

Holy Redeemer School and CCD students prepare for Confirmation in Grade 8. Each student researches and writes a paper on a chosen saint, and does a certain number of hours of community service. If you know of service needs in the community, offer them as suggestions to the school.
Confirmation takes place in the second semester of 8th grade. There is a reception given by the 7th grade parents immediately following the Mass and all are invited.

Each year the Parish participates in a May Procession on the first Sunday in May. Parishioners gather in the front driveway around the statue of Mary for prayers and a ceremony crowning Mary. Everyone is invited to attend.

During the Month of May and on special feast days of Mary, the entire student body meets to pray the rosary.

During Lent, the students participate in the Stations of the Cross in their individual classes and as a whole school.