Tuition Rates

TUITION INFORMATION for 2021-2022 School Year

In order to better serve our families, we process all tuition payments through the Business Office at the Rectory. Please contact the Rectory at 301-942-2333. The Main Office at the school will not accept tuition payments.  All payments are to be arranged with the Business Office.  



TUITION AND BOOK FEE FOR GRADES K-8 -  $8,923.00 per student

PREK 3's and 4's TUITION - FULL DAY Monday - Friday -   $9,874.00 per student

PREK 3's and 4's TUITION - HALF DAY Monday - Friday - $7,109.00 per student

PREK 3's TUITION - 3 HALF DAYS Monday, Wednesday, Friday- $4,668.00 per student

PREK 3's TUITION - 2 HALF DAYS Tuesday and Thursday - $3,463.00 per student

Notes on Tuition payments:  Holy Redeemer School reserves the right to cancel registration and withhold report cards of any students whose family fails to meet tuition payments satisfactorily at any Archdiocesan school during the preceding semester or in such cases to require full tuition in advance of registration acceptance.

II. Non-refundable fees for 2021-22 which are in addition to tuition are:
1. Application Fee for New Students - $25.00
2. Registration - $100.00 per family
3. Pre-Kindergarten fee - $200.00 per child
3. Kindergarten fee - $200.00 per child
4. First grade fee - $100.00 per child
5. Processing Fee for current students applying out to private school (excludes 8th grade) - $75.00 per application
6. 8th Grade Graduation Fee - $450.00 per child

III. Service Requirement (or fee):

1. PreK Co-op, PreK Half-day families only. Opt-out Fee: $600.00 PER CHILD ($650.00 after September 10th)

​Half-day PreK families are required to co-op one morning per month in their child's classroom, according to monthly schedules which will be published by the PreK Office. Families who are unable to perform this duty may pay an opt-out fee of $600 per child, or $650 per child after September 10th.

2. ​Playground Duty, All Full-day families.  Opt-out Fee: $300.00 PER FULL DAY FAMILY ($350.00 after September 10th)

Our children’s safety is a priority at Holy Redeemer, and a safe and organized recess time is vital.  To this end, as part of our annual service agreement, every​ full day family is required to give a full week (1 hour daily) of playground duty.  It is essential that each family fulfills this obligation.  If a family is unable to perform this duty, please submit the fee of $300.00 to the school office by September 10th.  If the fee is not submitted by September 10th and a family is unable to perform Playground Duty they must either 1) find their own substitute or 2) pay a fee of $350.00.