The choice to have and maintain the practice of having a uniform reflects a decision made by parents and administrators.  The uniform is a way to express that we stand for equality, mutual and self-respect, and inclusiveness.  Parents are wholeheartedly encouraged to discuss with their children our uniform and what it represents for Holy Redeemer, and to make every effort to conform to the dress code. Casual infractions of the dress code are matters for reminders, rather than disciplinary measures.  Repeated or purposeful infractions may represent a small step along a continuum toward opposition and defiance and away from core school values. The student opting in this negative direction will be reminded of his or her responsibility to be a positive presence, rather than a distraction.  Beyond this reminder phase, repeated infractions may necessitate parent contact and/or disciplinary intervention.

All students in grades K-8 are required to be in full uniform each school day except special theme days throughout the year. It is strongly advised that every article of clothing be clearly and indelibly labeled with the student's name. Dates for changing seasonal uniforms are listed below and on the school calendar. 

Uniform policies are designed to minimize competition with regard to designer labels and social trends. The school reserves the right to determine appropriate attire and accessories. We ask your cooperation in adhering to every item of this dress code.

The following regulations regarding dress are in effect beginning the first day of school:

Dates for uniform changes:
Fall uniform - August 26, 2020
Winter uniform - November 2, 2020
Spring uniform - March 29, 2021

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