Weather Policy

Holy Redeemer School follows the decisions of MCPS regarding school closings, late openings, or early dismissal due to inclement weather. These decisions are broadcast over local radio and television stations as soon as they are made. Please do not call the school or rectory to ask about such decisions. If a delayed opening falls on a 12:30 p.m. dismissal day, school will be in session until 3:00 p.m.

Storm and Emergency Dismissal
If a thunderstorm occurs during or around dismissal time, the students will be held in their classrooms for an additional amount of time, not to exceed fifteen minutes.
If the storm diminishes prior to the close of the fifteen-minute time frame, the students will be dismissed in the regular manner.

If after fifteen minutes, the storm continues:

  • All riders will be held and drivers will be directed to the circle for pick up.
  • They must stop their cars in the circle and pick up their children from the auditorium.
  • Parent and child(ren) will then return quickly to their car and leave the circle in a group, allowing the next group of cars to move into the circle.
  • If the parent of a walker is driving, they must follow the same procedure as the riders.
  • Any parent who is walking, may pick up their child in the auditorium.
  • Any children, who are walkers and are not picked up by a parent, will be held and dismissed after all riders when the thunder and lightning has ceased and the rain has slowed.

PLEASE NOTE: This policy is not for a regular rain or shower.  Regular dismissal is in effect in case of normal rainy weather.